4 Inspired Reads for a Healthy and Vibrant January

I'd rather be reading mug with stack of good books, London, Ontario, Holistic Nutrition

How is your beautiful 2018 going so far? Have any ambitious and inspiring (or comforting and grounding) goals come to you yet? Or do you mostly still feel like cocooning and just hoping to make it through? Sometimes I think the emphasis in January is so much on fresh starts and upbeat energy that we […]

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4 Recipes, 3 Health Tips, and 1 Mind-Reset for the Holidays

The holidays are often a busy flurry of activities, family, events, tasks, and meals. Maybe this is something that we really enjoy (hustle and bustle has a certain charm, at times), or maybe we’d prefer more time for quiet time contemplation, reading, relaxing, and slowing down. I personally would like the right balance of both […]

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A Little Soul Nourishment: 5 Ideas For You

“There is no one like anyone else, ever…For it is the fate – the genetic and neural fate – of every human being to be a unique individual, to find his own path, to live his own life, to die his own death.” ~ Oliver Sacks, Gratitude Yesterday, I went to the funeral of my […]

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Homemade Lavender and Peppermint Salt Scrub

lavender and peppermint epsom salt scrub

Ah, nothing says it’s festive season time quite like peppermint. Except maybe cinnamon. Or that unique smell of pine trees. Or even woodstove fire smell! They’re all pretty awesome too and I guess that means actually a great number of things say that it’s festive time. For today, though, let’s just talk about peppermint. And lavender. I’ve […]

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Make Chickpea Flour Shine With These 5 Awesome Recipes

Sometimes after buying a large bag of chickpea/teff/sorghum/coconut/almond/etc. flour, you make the recipe you intended to make and then think, ‘huh. Well, that still leaves me 95% of this flour. What do I do with it now?’ It’s handy to have a back-pocket repertoire of recipes that feature whatever flour you have in mind. And […]

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What Clean Eating Can Do For You – And What It Can’t: Reflections on the EAT WELL, LIVE VIBRANTLY Challenge

The April EAT WELL, LIVE VIBRANTLY clean eating challenge is coming to an end. The official challenge part of it, I mean. Or the month part of it? Either way, the April of refined sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, alcohol-free, caffeine-free eating is reaching its official end. Except, I really like eating this way – so while it […]

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The EAT WELL, LIVE VIBRANTLY Spring Clean-Eating Challenge!

Spring is in the air! I can feel the energy seeping into my bones. I have a pep in my step, there is sunshine for longer hours, the birds are chirping, and I feel the world start to come alive with possibilities again. Spring is a great time for positive transitions. We feel energetic and […]

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Refresh and Relax Peppermint Body Butter

peppermint body butter

Peppermint: “An extremely good kind of mint which takes the depressing and uber-confusing world you are living in, and transforms it into happy swirls of red and white goodness. You can’t be sad eating one unless you choke.” – Urban Dictionary Wise words indeed. Friends, the festive season has come and gone, but it’s still winter, […]

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