Refresh and Relax Peppermint Body Butter

peppermint body butter

Peppermint: “An extremely good kind of mint which takes the depressing and uber-confusing world you are living in, and transforms it into happy swirls of red and white goodness. You can’t be sad eating one unless you choke.” – Urban Dictionary Wise words indeed. Friends, the festive season has come and gone, but it’s still winter, […]

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Fortifying Blackstrap Molasses Hot Chocolate

molasses hot chocolate

As part of my plan for a fortifying fall season, I’m examining the possibilities of using Blackstrap Molasses in more food and beverage options. Why? Well, blackstrap molasses is a huge nutritional powerhouse. It has an incredible number of vitamins and minerals, including: iron (for building those red blood cells! 1 tablespoon has 15% of your daily […]

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Creamy Spinach Salad with Roast Potatoes, Avocado, and Maple Tempeh

spinach salad with tempeh, avocado, and roast potatoes

Even though it’s cold outside (a very frosty -12 C feels like -26 C with the windchill today here in wintery Southwestern Ontario), and my natural impulse is to wear pajamas in front of the fireplace all day long, I haven’t yet felt the yen for the proverbial comfort food. Or rather, I should say […]

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It’s the Holidays: Survive, Thrive, and Remember What Counts

What are the holidays are meant to be: relaxing, celebratory, inclusive, social (but not stereotypical – families are made up of all different kinds of groups and people), generous, full of gratitude, delicious, joyful, cozy, and fun! What the holidays aren’t meant to be: stressful, expensive, a wallop to your digestive system, annoying, full of old anger-inducing […]

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23 Delicious and Indulgent Clean Eating Dessert Recipes for the Holiday Season

If you are anything like me, you spend a good deal of time in December planning what to bake (or non-bake, for my raw friends) for the holiday season. You want recipes that are straightforward, healthy, simple, delicious, and produce results that are pretty, because, heck, if it’s ugly, no one wants to eat it. […]

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Festive Apple Cider Scones (v, gf)

I think it’s fair to start a countdown to Christmas now, no? I mean, we are almost exactly a month away. And these scones definitely communicate a festive, cinnamon-y, “I love winter” kind of feeling, which is what one certainly wants to cultivate in the weeks before Christmas. And in the weeks after Christmas, come […]

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Cranberry Rhubarb Crisp with Pecan Oat Crumble (gluten-free, vegan)

So, usually what happens to me by the beginning of spring is that I realize I’ve been so carefully hoarding the produce I saved from the spring or summer before, there is a bag or two of it still in the freezer, ready to be eaten JUST before the real fresh batch comes out growing […]

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5 tips for inspired and energetic living – Life is Short! Why Not?

It’s time for another edition of Life is Short, in which I provide you with 5 easy tips for more inspired, energetic, and vital living. You might be reading this from someplace sunny and warm, in which case, I must admit I envy you a little. Here in ol’ Canada, we are having a long and very […]

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