15 Warm and Nourishing Cold-Weather Soups (options for paleo, vegan, gf)

Vegetable soup background with copy space. Dry leaves, miniature pumpkins, spices, dried vegetables around table. Close up directly above shot. Warming and comforting autumn soups with options for paleo, vegan, and gluten free

Get your sweaters and cozy pyjama pants out baby! The fresh weather is here. What I feel like eating is VERY weather dependant, and even though a month ago I was keen on hearty healthy salads, now I’m into warm and nourishing cold-weather soups. Making soup is easy and in one cooking session you can […]

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13 Hearty Healthy Salads for Autumn! (options for paleo, gf, vegan)

If you’re anything like me, you find yourself in meal transition in September & October. You’re not yet ready for the seemingly endless days of roasted root vegetables that come in winter, but the light flavours of summer don’t seem entirely satisfying either. This is when it becomes all about the hearty autumn salad. With […]

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Summertime Balsamic Zucchini with Tomatoes and Caramelized Red Onions

Fresh zucchini on wooden background; balsamic vinegar, tomatoes, caramelized red onion, London, ontario, holistic nutrition

More summer bounty recipes coming ‘atcha! One of the joys of summer is the availability of fresh, seasonal, local produce. The farmers market overflows with possibilities! The zucchini, the tomatoes, the cucumber, the beans! We know that eating (more, nutrient-dense) vegetables is one of the foundations of vibrant good health (not to mention clear skin […]

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Braised Radishes with Coconut Oil (or Grassfed Butter), Sea Salt, and Dill

**I’m taking a little break from the Holistic Nutrition for Acne series so that I can post some delicious recipes. If you’d like to catch up on the Acne series, you can read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 here. Part 4 is coming out soon.** Braised Radishes with Coconut Oil (or Grassfed Butter), […]

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Baked Sweet Potatoes with Broccoli and Teriyaki Tempeh

sweet-potatoes and broccoli with teriyaki tempeh

I asked my sister the other day what she would like to see more of on the blog, and she said: simple supper options. So, in that spirit, here we go! The original recipe inspiration for this came from Vegetarian Times magazine. I’m a huge library user and I love going in and finding that […]

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Big Glow Salad with Sweet Onion Dressing

There is a certain point on the thermometer when suddenly a woman’s thoughts turn to foods that are crisp, refreshing, and bursting with seasonal flavour. For me, that temperature is somewhere around 25 degree celsius. Depends on the humidity. When the mercury gets that high, suddenly all I want are homemade fresh rolls, plump blueberries, melt-in-your-mouth […]

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Mango Salad with Cilantro, Cashews, and Tempeh – v, gf

I was in beautiful Kingston, Ontario a few weeks ago, and had dinner at a Thai Cambodian restaurant where I was reminded of the simple, tangy joy of mango salad – fresh mango, sweet and sour dressing, zippy red onion, toasted cashews, cilantro, and red pepper. Mango salad is light, refreshing, naturally vegan and gluten-free, and so, […]

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Power Protein Salad with Quinoa, Mango, Cashews, and Chickpeas

power protein salad

A few weeks ago I enjoyed supper at The Root Cellar, a wonderful gem of a cafe and eatery in London, Ontario. They have such a wealth of delicious, inventive food options that include locally-sourced foods with a focus on sustainable and seasonal options. I ordered the Power Protein Salad and then knew I had to […]

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Creamy Spinach Salad with Roast Potatoes, Avocado, and Maple Tempeh

spinach salad with tempeh, avocado, and roast potatoes

Even though it’s cold outside (a very frosty -12 C feels like -26 C with the windchill today here in wintery Southwestern Ontario), and my natural impulse is to wear pajamas in front of the fireplace all day long, I haven’t yet felt the yen for the proverbial comfort food. Or rather, I should say […]

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Sweet Potato and Kale Salad with Barley, Dried Cranberries, and Smoked Tofu

Roasted sweet potatoes, kale, cooked hulled barley, smoked tofu, and dried cranberries, with an olive oil/apple cider vinegar dressing. If that doesn’t sound like the supper equivalent of wrapping yourself in a plaid blanket and watching the leaves change, I don’t know what would. This salad is easy, comes together quickly, makes a bunch, lasts […]

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