Fortifying Blackstrap Molasses Hot Chocolate

molasses hot chocolate

As part of my plan for a fortifying fall season, I’m examining the possibilities of using Blackstrap Molasses in more food and beverage options. Why? Well, blackstrap molasses is a huge nutritional powerhouse. It has an incredible number of vitamins and minerals, including: iron (for building those red blood cells! 1 tablespoon has 15% of your daily […]

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Iron Boosting Fresh Fall Juice (with Beets)

Oh man, this juice is so good. One of my favourite local companies Pulp & Press Juice Co. makes a beautiful liver rinse juice with beets, which sparked my love affair with beet juice. Beets are inexpensive, readily available during the fall and winter, and highly nutritious, and beet juice is fresh, earthy, and so […]

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6 Healing and Health-Promoting Herbal Teas

Tea infuser

for·ti·fy 1. strengthen defensively so as to protect against attack 2. strengthen or invigorate mentally or physically 3. synonyms include rejuvenate, strengthen, energize, restore, revive, refresh, invigorate, vitalize This naturally caffeine-free tea (or teas, if you take them all individually) uses organic herbs to support digestion, provide key minerals, add antioxidants, balance hormones, support clear, glowing […]

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