Whole Food Reboot


A fun and effective 7-day program that will help you reboot your energy through diet and lifestyle, and using holistic mind-body-spirit practices. You’ll be on your way towards glowing radiant skin, balanced hormones, and your personal vibrant best health.



Emily Joldersma is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in London, Ontario. She helps clients who are struggling with acne, PMS, bloating, fatigue, anxiety, or other skin, hormone, mood, or digestive issues to achieve their best health. Emily focusses on vibrant, delicious whole-foods, and uses a caring and compassionate mind/body/spirit approach to educate, inspire, and guide her clients to vibrant living.

The 7-Day Whole Food Reboot will give you the nutrition and wellness information you need to shift your body from feeling tired and sluggish to energetic and vibrant. Along the way you’ll nourish your skin, support greater hormonal balance, and become a better digester and detoxifier. You’ll also learn about self-care activities to support your body systems, and get tons of great whole-food, nutrient-dense (delicious!) recipes to give you inspiration for your 7 day journey.  This program is self-guided, making it easy to incorporate into your life on a schedule that works for you. If you’re looking to boost your skin health and glow, support your hormones, improve your digestion and beat bloating, and just generally feel great, the 7-Day Whole Food Reboot is for you


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