7 Day Whole Food Reboot

This is a 7 day, self-guided program that will help you nourish your body, reboot your energy, and reset your body’s natural detoxification for better digestion, clearer skin, and a better mood.

This program is all about variety and joyful eating, coupled with the amazing power of vibrant whole foodsDuring your 7 days you’ll eat nourishing whole foods, you’ll support your body with self-care practices, and you’ll focus on creating healthy habits that make you feel great.

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  • You feel sluggish or stagnant

  • You want to lighten up and feel more energetic

  • You are keen to re-set your taste buds to more fresh foods

  • You are struggling with acne, PMS, fatigue, brain fog, digestion issues, or other skin/hormone/digestive issues

  • You would like to feel excited about food again, and learn about the powerful whole food options available to you

  • You want brighter, glowing skin, better digestion, and help managing stress

  • You are looking to help jump start your metabolism

  • You would like to eat more mindfully, and be more mindful of your food choices

  • You want to optimize your body’s natural detoxification abilities by supporting the liver, digestion, and the lymphatic system

  • You would like to eat how you want to feel: vibrant, joyful, fresh, alive

  • You just want to FEEL BETTER 

This is a self-guided program you can take any at time – you pick the timing that works best for your life

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  • Immediate access via download to the 7 Day Whole Food Reboot program guide (ebook),which contains over 25 pages of nutrition and wellness information, as well as:

    • a complete list of foods to focus on and foods to avoid
    • details on what to expect and how to prepare for your Reboot
    • nutritional information on how to eat to support your liver, gut, and skin
    • mind/body/spirit recommendations to help you make the most of the program
    • tips for managing stress and improving sleep
    • frequently asked questions
    • and more
  • A recipe PDF with more than 25 gluten-free and dairy-free recipes. This includes:

    • numerous vegan/plant-based options and paleo options, as well tips on how to customize recipes
    • breakfast, lunch, supper, and snack options
    • information to help you make the basics you’ll need for the Reboot
    • general tips for healthy meals


  • DIY instructions for the Reboot’s self-care activities including dry brushing and castor oil packs

  • A vibrant fundamentals shopping list 

  • A program journal for tracking your progress

  • A vibrant eating guide designed to give you plenty of info on foods to enhance your Reboot experience