For the End of Summer: 7 Ways to Take Care of Yourself

Friends, I am going through a bit of dry spell for blog creativity. I have no shortage of recipes to try, but I haven’t found anything of late that just really says “I’m a success and I need to be shared with the world.” I made some cantaloupe limeade the other day (basically you juice a cantaloupe and two whole limes, dilute with water, and add maple syrup to taste) and as excited I was about making an beautiful peach-coloured drink, it didn’t taste quite as good as I’d hoped.

dandelion fluff

So now, as I sip cantaloupe limeade (just because it wasn’t amazing, doesn’t mean I’m going to just waste it), I ponder what I should do next. After all, the summer is a time when fresh, seasonal, local fruits and vegetables are so available! I should be swimming in recipes to try. But, I don’t know what it is.

Did I mention my plum jam this afternoon burned and was ruined?

So, yeah, a tough month for ol’ Emily. But, instead of beating myself up, I’m trying to remember that a) summer is a busy time, and b) sometimes recipes and schedules just don’t go according to plan, and c) sometimes the answer to the blahs is taking the time to RECHARGE.

summer sunflowers

Summer is often an active time, with hot weather, long days, and lots we feel we should be doing/attending. Are you feeling drained, dull, or low on the creative juices? Peruse a few of these articles, try a recipe or two, and treat yourself well at the end of this beautiful, hot, gorgeous summer. Enter the Autumn feeling strong and vital, and give yourself that much needed boost as you transition to a new season and a new phase of the year.

  1. For Your Soul: Recharge with the power of a super moon! Who doesn’t love the idea of letting Nature help fill up our spiritual and emotional cups?
  2. For Your Body: Make yourself an easy, natural brown sugar scrub and indulge in the shower for smooth skin, exfoliation, and a circulation boost.
  3. For Your Baking Side: Use up some zucchini (which is always ubiquitous this timesimple and refreshing iced herbal tea with fruit and mint leaves of year) and make zucchini chocolate chip muffins, then enjoy with a cup of tea (or iced herbal tea!) and your favourite novel for a few stolen moments on your porch, in your favourite chair, or just sprawled out on your bed (with the fan blowing, if it’s hot where you live).
  4. For Your Spirit: If you’re in the mood for singing, take 20 minutes to sing along to your favourites. Singing is something so few of us do anymore in any real way (yes, the shower counts, except not really) and it’s so restorative and so, well, pleasant! Embrace your folk side with John Denver “Take Me Home, Country Roads” or maybe your country side with Tim McGraw “Sick of Me.” Or, go mellow and strummy with Pink and Dallas Green, “You and Me.” Sway around. Get into it.
  5. For Your Inner Child: In this hot weather, don’t forget about swimming! It gets your core temperature down and, if done before bed, can cool you down enough for a reasonable night’s sleep. Find your nearest local pool and try it! My friend Liz and I have been swimming several times this summer and it’s so fun! I forgot how delightful it is to just lounge in a pool and see the blue sky.
  6. For Your Tastebuds: Make strawberry summer sherbert or avocado lime ice cream. ‘Nuff said.
  7. For Your Heart: Be kind to yourself. Be your own best friend. Take some time at the gratitudeend of summer to reflect, journal, and think about what you’re looking forward to as Autumn approaches. Forgive yourself for anything you feel wasn’t perfect this summer, or make a commitment to yourself to try again at something that really matters to you. And, as always, take stock of the good things in your life. Sometimes a few moments spent reflecting on what we love about our lives can boost our feelings of harmony and joy, and bring us to a place of peace and connection again.

Happy Last Days of Summer!

avocado lime ice cream with coconut milk

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