6 Fabulous Articles to Make Your 2015 the Best Ever!

tree buds 30x30.2Ah, the fresh new year is here! A beautiful stretch of 365 days packed with opportunities for adventure, growth, friendship, laughter, joy, beauty, curiosity, personal development, and love. Sounds pretty good to me.

What I love to do at the beginning of a new year is seek out articles that inspire me, give me food for thought, prompts questions that I can journal about, give me guidance about positive self-care practices, and help me form my goals for the new year in new ways.

I don’t typically set ‘resolutions,’ or if I do, they aren’t conventional. I set goals for the year ahead, goals that encompass both specific milestones I’d like to accomplish (create a will, take a trip, etc) and personal development goals I have, based on areas I’ve identified as those that have the most meaning to me.

For me, 2015 will be about self-love, believing in myself and the opportunities I can pursue, and becoming my own biggest supporter.

What will 2015 be about for you?

coffee table books

To help guide you, I’ve put together a series of amazing articles – encountered in the last few days – that I’ve found really helpful. Think of it as assigned reading for starting the year off right. Pick and choose as you please, or read them all.

Happy New Year!

My Reading List for the New Year – Get Vibrant and Happy in 2015!


Peruse these articles and share any others below that you find helpful. I think goals and aims and resolutions are an awesome way to articulate the personal development plans we have for the year ahead. So take a moment to prioritize the kinds of growth that are important to you.

And in the end, the optimal resolution is made in kindness to yourself, with nothing but the goal of loving who you are now, and figuring out where to go to continue to be your best self. For more reading, check out my post from 2014 on resolutions, and thinking about how you want to feel.

All the best for 2015!

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