My top 10 favourite FREE e-books – happiness, health, and creativity

The internet is an amazing place. So many neat people out there, writing about what matters to them, and sharing thoughts, advice, and tips for the rest of us to help us live our best lives.  And all, or at least most, of this fabulous information is free. Free for our enjoyment and consumption.

Which brings me to free e-books. I love a good free e-book. And believe you me, there are free e-books on basically every kind of topic under the sun. Blogging, health, confidence, happiness, creativity, cooking, stress management, pets, you name it.

I mean, are most free e-books a means of advertising for a specific blog, website, product, or service? Yes. Do many free e-books require you to sign up for a blog or website before you receive the book? Yes. Are free e-books in general meant to bring you back to a website and make you a loyal reader? Well, sure.

fall grapesBut none of this is criminal stuff by any means, and regardless of this advertising angle, free e-books have a lot of value. They are often packed with information, extremely digestible, just the right number of pages, and focused on very specific issues, with straight-forward tips for moving forward.

They are little gems, really. And I love them (did I say that already?).

So take a look at the choices below. Remember, I’m not trying to advertise for specific blogs or products or coaches or approaches. I’m simply passing along some of the little treasures I’ve found in my searches of the wonderful world of the internet.

Note that some links below are to PDFs, while some will take you to places where you can download the e-book.

My top ten FREE e-books on health, happiness, and living the good life:

  1. Heathy Kitchen Guidebook: Accelerate Your Path to Nutritional Excellence – John Robbins and Ocean Robbins
  2. An Adventure Every Day: How to Live An Adventurous Life – Heather E. Wilson.
  3. How to Be Happy: No Fairy Dust or Moonbeams Required – Cara Stein
  4. How to Be the Most Attractive, Irresistible Version of Yourself – Shelly Bullard
  5. Mastering Creativity: Break Through Mental Blocks, Uncover Your Creative Genius, and Make Brilliance a Habit – James Clear
  6. The Magnetics of Feelings – Danielle La Porte
  7. The Bold Living Guide – Barrie Davenport
  8. The 5 Most Common Blocks to Authenticity…and How to Overcome Them – Hannah Braime
  9. Insider Secrets for New Coaches & Creatives: 23 Brilliant Bloggers Share It All – from
  10. CrazySexyManifesto: Guidelines for Dazzling Wellness Warriors – Kris Carr

Happy Reading!

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