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The Friendly Fig – a lovely vegan lifestyle blog that I greatly enjoy and admire – was kind enough to honour Backyard Owl by including it among the list of 15 blogs they love, part of the One Lovely Blog Award. I am totally delighted! I’ve really enjoyed reading their blog, so to be included in their list of 15 loves was very much appreciated.

I’m just learning about the One Lovely Blog Award, but my understanding is that once you’ve been nominated, you:

  1. thank the blog that nominated you;
  2. share 7 things about yourself;
  3. identify 15 blogs you love; and
  4. let each of them know they’ve been nominated by leaving a comment on their blog.

I think the One Lovely Blog Award is a fantastic way to share the blog love and to let people know how much you think of their work.

So, let’s begin!

7 things about me:

  1. Tennyson and HawthorneI have two of the most beautiful rescue cats in the world – they are such special fellows. I believe all animals deserving of distinguished names, and I love literature and poetry (see #6), so my tabby is Tennyson and my black cat is Hawthorne. They bring tremendous joy to my life.
  2. Among other things, I’m trained as a pastry chef. I did a one year program after completing my university education, and learned all about the world of sweets, which is a world I love. I particularly enjoy decorating cakes and cupcakes and am always looking for ways to use more natural colours, techniques, and ingredients in my decorating.
  3. My favourite tea is roasted dandelion root. So rich and flavourful, and good for your liver to boot!
  4. My favourite piece of music is Holst’s Jupiter. A close second is Camille Saint Saen’s Symphony No. 3 – Maestoso Allegro. Blast them both out, and as my dad would say, prepare to have your hair parted.
  5. Dark chocolate is my weakness. I believe 72% to be about the magic number, but I wouldn’t say no to 80% either. Or 85%. Or 65%. You get the idea.
  6. I love reading and I love poetry: John Keats, Lord Tennyson, Walt Whitman, Emily Bronte, Mary Oliver, and Thomas Hardy are some favourites. I think it’s important in life to spend time marvelling over the richness and beauty of words. Comprehension doesn’t always have to be the goal; the pleasures can just come from the sounds, the images, the experience.
  7. I have a penchant for chalkboards, especially beautiful antique chalkboards. I have two in my home and it gives me great pleasure to write bits of poetry on them or inspiring quotes.

My 15 Lovely Blog Nominees

Some of these are blogs I’ve followed for awhile, and some are relatively new to me. Some are about food, some are about words, some about photography, and some about fun and humour (and Outlander!) – but all are lovely and add to my day and that’s what counts. And to my blog nominees: if some of you have been nominated already, well, it never hurts to be complimented twice, right?

  1. Blissful Basil
  2. The Friendly Fig
  3. The Plant Strong Vegan
  4. JemVerse
  5. The Jump for Joy Photo Project
  6. The Vegan Muffin Woman
  7. Food in Jars
  8. Food to Glow
  9. Cooking with a Wallflower
  10. Brad Young Art
  11. BitterSweet
  12. Outmander (Now The KiltLander’s Blog)
  13. A Blissful Vegan
  14. Cauldrons and Cupcakes
  15. Bunny Kitchen

Warm wishes to all of my fellow bloggers!

© Eat Well, Live Vibrantly

8 responses to “One Lovely Blog Award – My 15 blog loves”

  1. Thank you so much Emily. The nomination is so very kind of you and your comment on my blog incredibly kind and thoughtful. I also have two amazing rescue cats, Max and Mimi. Apparently they are from the same litter {the notion reinforced by the fact they are nearly inseparable} but one is a tabby and the other looks like a black and white Turkish Van! You have a lovely blog here and it sounds like you enjoy what you do. All best, Kellie 🙂


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