Days 26-30 of the 30×30 Nature Challenge – a Photo Gallery

sandcherry 30x30.26yellow bush 30x30.27pink blossom 30x30.28 apple blossomswhite 30x30.30

The David Suzuki Foundation 30×30 Nature Challenge is complete! If you want to read my original post about why spending time in nature is so important, click here.  A few thoughts on the challenge: It was difficult to add in an additional 30 minutes to my usual time outside, so on many occasions, I just tried to make my usual outside time really count. On other occasions, with the challenge in mind, I focussed on being conscious of ways I could work more nature into my everyday activities – reading on the deck, taking a moment to look more closely at a flower I might normally just breeze past, admiring the leaves through their transition from bud to full-blown green cover. I also enjoyed taking photographs for each day – it is amazing how, once you’ve begun looking, your eye can really become trained to looking for and seeing (and appreciating!) the beauty of the season as it unfurls. Opportunities for photographs – either mental or real – abound.

Overall, after spending quality time outdoors, I undoubtedly felt less stressed, more connected, and happier.

If you’d like to view the other photographs from the challenge, click on the links below and enjoy! It’s like a photo love song to Spring.

© 2014 Backyard Owl

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