10 songs to boost your mood – now!

Like a summer's day at the cottage, these mood-boosting songs will have you feeling cheerful in no time!
Like a summer’s day at the cottage, these mood-boosting songs will have you feeling cheerful in no time!

Music is a powerful force. It can make your mood go from Point A to Point B in under 60 seconds. Probably in under 5 seconds. Maybe even in under 2 seconds, if the song is really really good. It can make you weep (Gabriel’s Oboe from The Mission, anyone?) or cheer or dance or contemplate or laugh. It can make you suddenly want to go for a run or it can make you stop and turn inward for a few moments. Music can boost your energy or calm you down. It can get you ready for a night on the town or a good night’s sleep. In the healthy person’s search for vitality, music can be a fantastic ally.

What I’ve done for you here is put together 10 fabulous songs – ones perhaps you’ve forgotten about – to provide you with energy-inducing, toe-tapping, mood-boosting goodness. Feeling a bit low? Lacklustre? Feel like you need some extra support to help lift the edges of your mouth into what’s commonly referred to as a smile? Tap your toes along to one of these zippy tunes. I can guarantee you that after listening, you’ll feel happier and more energetic.

  1. Good Lovin’ – The Rascals
  2. Elevate – St. Lucia
  3. Your Love Keeps Liftin’ Me Higher – Jackie Wilson
  4. Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours – Stevie Wonder
  5. Life is a Highway – Tom Cochrane
  6. All Night Long – Lionel Ritchie
  7. Sugar Sugar – The Archies (watch for rockin’ dance moves in the video)
  8. The Remedy (I Won’t Worry) – Jason Mraz
  9. Runaround Sue – Dion and the Belmonts (doo wop!)
  10. Wild Night – Van Morrison

BONUS TRACK: Learning to Fly – Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

So there you have it – a no-fail, feel-better soundtrack for your life. Listen to the songs individually or collectively – embrace their inspiration and upbeat vibes and maybe take the time to dance for a track or two or ten (if you are able to resist beeboppin’ to Runaround Sue, something is seriously amiss – it’s a true doo wop classic).

Do you have any songs that are unfailing mood-boosters? Share them below!

Until next time – Happy listening!

© Eat Well, Live Vibrantly

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