5 tips for inspired and energetic living – Life is Short! Why Not?

It’s time for another edition of Life is Short, in which I provide you with 5 easy tips for more inspired, energetic, and vital living.

You might be reading this from someplace sunny and warm, in which case, I must admit I envy you a little. Here in ol’ Canada, we are having a long and very cold winter, longer and colder than many winters I can remember before. February is the point at which winter tends for me to become a bit of a slog. I love winter, as I talk about in this post, but there is a cumulative effect to reduced sunshine, skin-biting cold, and 10 pound boots that eventually starts to weigh a person down. So, I thought, let’s focus this LIfe is Short post on finding natural and fun ways to find the extra boost of energy, enthusiasm, and joie de vivre needed to make it through till Spring, or least, until March.

Life is short! Why not…

  1. think about vitamin D: Experts consider it likely that most people living through Canadian winters are not getting enough of the sunshine vitamin.  Of course, always talking to your doctor first is wise, but consider adding a Vitamin D supplement to your regime. It might just help your skin, your mood, your bones, and your long-term health! Remember that Vitamin D2 is the vegan version (though not quite as bioavailable as regular Vitamin D, which is D3).
  2. try a new energizing superfood! Consider adding some maca to your diet. This Pervuian superfood reportedly has hormone balancing, energy upping, skin improving, and fertility-boosting powers, which seems appropriate for February, the month of love and heart health. Maca powder can be blended into smoothies, desserts, or baked goods.
  3. engage in energizing and restorative breathing: The beauty of breathing is that it can be done anywhere and no one will be the wiser. Sometimes two or three really deep breaths will be all it takes to help you feel centred and energized. Also try longer inhalations and exhalations, to the count of 4 beats in and 4 beats out. The boost of oxygen will make you feel great, and the exercise and stretching for your lungs doesn’t hurt either.
  4. indulge in an entertaining song-and-dance motion picture: The toe-tapping beats and entertainment value (it’s okay to let academics go on this one) can bring a smile to your face and some bounce to your step. My favourite guilty pleasure? Burlesque. Yes, I know, it did not exactly receive rave reviews (at all). But if you like saucy music, great dance numbers, and the story of a gal who moves to the big city and finds her dream, then this movie is for you (note: if you do not like Christina Aguilera’s voice, this movie is NOT for you). Netflix has the film, and likely so does your local library.
  5. find yourself an empowering theme song: Never underestimate the power of music to improve mood and boost energy. Sometimes I need something that puts a bit of extra pep in my step and gets me to do a fist pump (if only just in my head). My recommendations? Eye of the Tiger from Rocky, or maybe the theme song from St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion), or my new fave, Inner Ninja. Play your personal theme song whenever you feel your mojo flagging and there will be no stopping your inner ninja.

Happy February! Remember, Spring is on its way!

Sunshine and Vitamin D - good for mood
Sunshine and Vitamin D – good for mood!

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