Introducing “Life is Short!” – a new feature post

I imagine many of you are beginning to think about 2014 and what you’d like for your life in the year ahead. You might be setting goals, pondering what you’d like more of in your life (or less of), planning for the introduction of new habits or the breaking of old habits, or generally spending time reflecting on how you can make 2014 a great year of living as your best self.

IMG_0859With that in mind, I introduce you to a new Backyard Owl feature – the Life is Short, Why Not post. Basically, this regularly-occurring post contains a few easy and fun suggestions for inspired living – ideas to add joy, health, verve, enthusiasm, and fun to your life. Many of them don’t take long to accomplish, and in some cases, I’ve even provided you with links so all you need to do is click and then you are free to dance, sing, watch, laugh, or whatever suits your fancy. Each month or so, I’ll post new ideas. So feel free to add a few of these to your day, your week, your month, or your life. I’ve given this one a new-year healthful-habits flavour, since 2014 is here and we want to aim for our best. So without further ado…

Life is Short! Why not:

  • Skip your pre-dinner glass of wine and try a glass of sparkling kombucha instead. Kom-whata, you ask? No, I didn’t just sneeze. Kombucha is a fermented tea drink chock-a-block with good for you and good for your digestive health probiotics, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. Without sounding too scientific, I find it makes you feel like your digestive motor is working smoothly and your body is kind of light and healthy (sort of the opposite of feeling bloated). Kombucha Wonderdrink makes a variety of tasty flavours. Try Niagara Grape!
  • Add years to your life by engaging in a good belly laugh. Try this laughing baby video. My little sister had a belly laugh like this too when she was a baby. Hilarious.
  • Go for a brisk walk, preferably at a pace of at least 4 miles per hour, a speed suggested to be best for health benefits. If you aren’t sure how fast that is, use a map to measure a distance in your neighbourhood, and then go for a timed walking test to see if you are striding at an optimum health-inducing pace.
  • Add green smoothies to your life, even if just for one week. Simply blend one cup of greens (organic baby spinach or organic baby kale are my leafies of choice) with one cup(ish) non-dairy milk, a banana, a tablespoon of almond butter and/or chia seeds, perhaps cocoa powder or a scoop of your favourite vegan protein powder, and finally some sweetener to taste, like maple syrup. Whirl until as smooth as possible and enjoy. I drink mine as a mid-morning snack at work, much to the envy of my workmates (at least, I assume it’s envy).
  • Dance more! And more wildly! Go on, try a silly dance. Don’t be too nervous to really get down – use this song as your remedy: Got to GIve it Up. Or perhaps Runaround Sue is more up your alley. Have fun grooving!

Until next time! Happy New Year and all the best for 2014.

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